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Learn the 4 best tips for improving your running form during your easy runs. Easy running doesn't mean lazy running! Use these tips to master the art of easy running.

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Who Is Dr. Lisa? 

Dr. Lisa is a Physical Therapist who was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. Since graduating with her doctorate in 2018, Lisa has leveraged her expertise in treating runners with courses and programs, such as her signature program Runners Complete Program and other programs such as the Foot and Ankle Program and Foundations, as well as many other running programs for injured and non-injured runners. 

Along with being notorious in the running world for her content and explanations, Dr. Lisa enjoys connecting with runners from around the world and helping them return to run and achieve beyond their running goals.

When Lisa isn't helping runners, she can be found walking her golden retriever, Griffin, hiking National Parks, or hanging out at the lake. Her motto is simple: Movement is medicine!

How Lisa Helps Her Clients

Over 1,300 Runners Coached and Counting..


"After dealing with plantar fasciitis for about 2 years, your Foot and Ankle Program has allowed me to run, walk and do daily activities without any pain in my left foot. I am SO thankful for this program"

- Danielle P. 

Dealt with Plantar Fasciitis for 3 years 

"I went from being unable to run to training for the Chicago Marathon is just a couple of months working with Dr. Lisa. Her custom program has allowed me to not only return to running pain free, but I feel stronger and am running faster than before I got injured. Everything feels so good and I am so excited to be back running."

- Naomi S. 

Knee Pain on and off for 5 years

"I have been to multiple PTs for my knee pain and have had better results going through the Runners Knee Program. I love how it progresses you and I saw results within a couple weeks. 10/10 for the Runners Knee Program."

- Jan M.

Knee Pain with no relief after seeing an in-person PT