Hi! I'm Dr. Lisa

After training for my first half marathon over 4 years ago, I became injured (quickly!) and ended up not being able to race. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it became a blessing in disguise. After rehabbing myself, and incorporating a different style of strength training and mobility training, I was running faster, stronger and for longer periods of time. This is just the beginning.


I realized I can help other runners who are in the same position and just want to keep running without injuries or setbacks. 


Around the same time I started treating a more runners as a physical therapist working in a sports medicine clinic, realizing injured runners have a lot in common. Because of the repetitive pattern of movement, runners who are either injured or have been injured, lack a specific piece to their training program-addressing the asymmetries with dynamic unilateral movements and mobility training.


I am here to help runners across the globe run without pain, while feeling stronger and more confident. 

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My Mission

I haven't just been helping runners prevent and treat injuries for over 4 years- I've been doing it myself for my own mental and physical health. 

When I was injured, I felt frustrated and helpless, and since then have come a LONG way with strategy and mindset shifts with my signature course the Runners Complete Program, the exact strength and mobility routine I used to become a stronger and healthier runner without a single injury since. 

Not only was I able to run pain free again, but mentally I was thriving. It was then I realized how important movement is for our body and our mind.

It has become my mission to create a community of passionate runners who want to run pain free and stay healthy to thrive in their own lives. 

How We Do It

The fact that you are here tells me running has become a necessity of your health and fitness. Running is supposed to be fun.. right!?! Then why do we make it so complicated??

It can feel VERY overwhelming of everything we need to do outside of our already busy schedule. 

Luckily, we don't have to spend hours each day treating an injury or in the gym building strength. 

It doesn't have to be this way. The most effective way to become a stronger, faster, pain free runner is to execute a plan consistently that focuses on your weaknesses and limitations. I launched my signature programs and membership to help overwhelmed and frustrated runners return to and thrive at what they love to do-run.

After all, Movement is medicine. 


My Favorite Videos To Help Your Running


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